Unicorn Pride!  <3 :)

Hi!  Thanks for coming to my page!  

I am a half-Colombian Sr. Social Content Producer, & Content Creator (writer, director, and producer).  

That's me in the beanie looking fierce.  I'm also 1/2 Colombian!   But they didn't post that pic on Twitter.  ;)

As a Senior Social Content Producer at Conill Advertising (I’m also half-Colombian and bilingual, and happy to stand in during rehearsals--see below), I have continued to work on my own passion projects outside the demands of a 50-, 60- sometimes 120-hour workweeks…because, #adlife.

Standing in as well as coordinating the rehearsal for our Más Que Un Auto "Book of Names" event

Because I am so passionate about creating original content, I enjoy working in production because of how much I learn.  My vision is to work for a company that would give back as much to its employees, as they give. My intention is to work for a company that fully supports their employees’ happiness, physical, mental and emotional well-being. Or better yet: my intention is to help contribute to developing that environment in a company! I truly believe that is my calling to create and develop original ideas, incorporating LGBT, minorities, and women-led stories.

And let's be honest...I'm a bit goofy.

My goal would be to be a creative leader who can create manifest and hold this kind of space for creativity, fulfillment and joy from my employees and colleagues. Just “having a day job” just isn’t enough for anyone these days. We all strive for meaning, for authenticity and for a way to give back. We all strive to be aligned with our higher purpose and our true self, and yes, many of us want to make this world a better place.

I have been working in advertising since I started out as an Associate Interactive Producer at Goodby, Silverstein & Partners in October of 2009. Up until that point, I had been an actor, writer, sketch comedian and director with Killing My Lobster sketch comedy group in San Francisco where I was a company member from 2003-2009. For six years, I was writingacting and directing for nine months out of the year. Sufficed to say, when I began working in advertising, my focus necessarily shifted, but that creative core of generating ideas and material consistently has remained an integral part of who I am.

I received my B.A. in Theater from UCLA's School of Film, Theater, and Television, and received my certificate in feature screenwriting from the UCLA Professional Program.  As a graduate of UCLA, I was accustomed to creating on a daily basis and this “spark” of creativity is part of what defines me as a creative producer. As you will read my Linkedin reviews, I always bring the extra creative “tszuj” to make the project extra special, and for the creatives to feel truly heard and understood.

I always mange to find the unicorn people out there.  Everywhere I go.

Literally everywhere.  (Yes, that's me in rollerblades.)

I even played a role in Stephen Soderbergh's "Contagion"—the Pharmacy Clerk.  You can see all my credits on IMDB.

Thanks for visiting my page, and I look forward to meeting you!